Journal Papers

  • N.T. Tran, V. K. Solanki, T.A. Dao, T.N.A Nguyen and V.H. Pham (2020), “A Monotonic Optimization Approach for Solving Strictly Quasiconvex Multiobjective Programming Problems”, Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, vol. 38, no. 5, pp. 6053-6063. [ DOI | bib | URL | PDF | Arxiv ]

Technical reports

Thesis and dissertations

  • Tuan Anh Dao (2019), “A stable and accurate hybrid FE-FD method”, Master of Science thesis. [ URL | bib | PDF ]

Conference proceedings

  • Tuan-Anh Dao and Ngoc-Anh Nguyen Thi (2018), “A multi-criteria optimization model for emission-concerned multi-depot vehicle routing problem with heterogeneous fleet”, IEEE 2018 International Conference on Applied Smart Systems (ICASS’2018). [ DOI | bib | URL | PDF ]

  • Tuan-Anh Dao, Ngoc-Anh Nguyen Thi, Khanh Nguyen-Trong, Anh Bui-Tuan and Dinh-Thi-Hai Van (2017), “Optimizing vehicle routing with path and carbon dioxide emission for municipal solid waste collection in Ha Giang, Vietnam”, 3rd EAI International Conference on Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems. [ DOI | bib | URL | PDF ]